Full Rose/Strawberry Moon for June 2022

Full Moon's are all about fulfillment, intuition, and completion. The June full moon is called the Rose Moon because this is the time of year you will see both wild and domestic roses in full bloom! It's called the Strawberry moon also because the wild and domestic strawberries are coming on for harvest! Enjoy! Amy

Full Mourning Moon/Lunar Eclipse Reading 11/19/21

I felt drawn to use this tarot deck because of the energies of the Lunar Eclipse and because it reminds me a bit of my cousin, who's birthday it is today too.Full Moons are for intuition, fulfillment and completion. Remember that with today's reading! PASTSeven of Cups "THE MESSAGE: The Seven of Cups is a … Continue reading Full Mourning Moon/Lunar Eclipse Reading 11/19/21

Full Hunter’s Moon Reading 10/20/21

Strengths in your favor at this point in your life:Ten of VesselsHappiness“Generous fulfillment of desires from a source that is pure and cleansing. Reward for patience and love given selflessly. True emotional stability and freedom.With the deep and profound calm of true and lasting happiness flowing through your life, a sense of homecoming, safety and … Continue reading Full Hunter’s Moon Reading 10/20/21