This site is a part of Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead. Over there the focus is on the sheep ranch, gardening (fruits, veggies, herbs, pollinators), and enjoying nature (foraging, rockhounding, exploring). I wanted a place to focus on wellness in various ways so I have this as a separate entity.

I have dedicated this site to being for Wise Woman (a person who practices traditional arts or folkways such as herbal remedies, midwifery, or divination) practices. This will include energy healing with crystals in many different ways, and oracle reading with tarot, runes and other methods. Healing is something I have always been drawn to and I enjoy the folklore behind the healing. Sometimes just using intuition and listening to guides!

Bear in mind that none of these therapies replace Western Medicine and you should always talk to your primary care physician for any medical issues. My therapies are merely supportive and not curative.

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