This website is a sister site to Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead. I decided to keep the energy healing and potential “woo woo” separate from the goings on at the ranch.

Supportive modalities to help supplement healing the body and mind (whether from crystals or intuitive guidance) are very important aspects for a life on a homestead in my opinion. Staying in touch with nature and being able to potentially heal yourself at home without resorting to prescriptions or over the counter meds just seems smart to me. Not to say Western Medicine doesn’t have it’s place. It very much does. Always see your doctor before researching what natural remedies can help. Intuitive Guidance doesn’t replace Psychotherapy, just as crystals don’t replace doctors in other professions. They merely support us in other ways.

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Latest Blog Post:

Summer Solstice 2022

Keywords for the Summer Solstice include: Equality, happiness, joy, light, longest day, sun, abundance, celebration, and dance. The Crystal Grid today represents many of these things. The intuitive Reading is a lengthy 8 card spread with lots of great info. Enjoy! Amy

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